Difference between PVC and TPU material for bumper balls

Difference between  PVC and TPU material for bumper balls ?


Many clients said the bubble balls much cheaper from other supplier , even lower than the price for TPU material we used . how can it happen ?


No doubt that the material is not First class TPU material, and even not TPU material .


But how to know the material is PVC material or TPU material ? please watch the Vedio we took . How to know whether the material is PVC or TPU 


At the same time , different class TPU material also influence the bubble balls' quality and price very much . and the thickness of material , many supplier quoted 0.8 or 1.0TPU , but it is less thick when on make the ball and not TPU material .


You always get what you pay for . we are your best choose , always offer the bubble footballs with 100% first class  0.7mmTPU , great workmanship , best service , 1year warranty .

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